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Tag to Beat All Tags12.24.07

This tag is for the love of laugh and for my love, only for Malen. Effort ito Ati! E-F-F-O-R-T! hahaha!

1. Write your name using the little finger:

2. Write your name using your elbow:

3. Write your name using your forehead:

4. Write your name with the heel of your foot:

5. Write your name using your nose:
ruthie  (this is hard for flat nose peeps like me! LOL)

6. Write your name with your ear:
gt7 ykh6o4

7. Write your name with your mouth:

8. Write your name with your: boobies, jog-jog, future, whateveryoucallit! :)
ftrhjuftgie – (this is not suitable for breastfeeding moms…milk may leak… ;)

And for the gentlemen and boylets, for #8, you may use your: trunk, manok, snake, for the sole purpose of writing your name. Hahaha. You have to linkback Malen once your done.

And now, I’m tagging:
Ambo | Daiji | Hannah | Janis | Joanjoyce | Lizzie | Lui | Mimimola | Part of You | Pusang Maganda | Reyna Elena | Rodney | Sherliez

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4 as tagged by Liz04.23.07

I was tagged by Liz, so here it goes…

Four jobs I have had
1. Tutor, Tindera, Repacker, and an all around chimini-a-a — when I was a working student back in college
2. Technical Support — OJT sa PT&T
3. Product Support Rep to QA Specialist-up to Present — here in you know…
4. and future Enterpreneur…but I really wanted to be a Coyote :)

Four movies I have watched over and over
1. Ever After
2. Harry Potter
3. Never Been Kissed
4. Pursuit of Happyness

Four places I have lived
1. San Guillermo,Caruhatan, Valenzuela City
2. Parada, Valenzuela City
3. in the future, Catleya, Karuhatan Townhomes, Caruhatan, Valenzuela City
4. —–>>> USA, hopefully in the future.

Four tv shows I like to watch
1. Captain Barbell ( I love Teng and Kit Tandem)
2. Smallville ( I love Chloe and Clark tandem)
3. Americas Next Top Model
4. PRISON BREAK! ( I love Wenty!)

Four places I have been on vacation
1. Gamay, Samar
2. Tagaytay
3. Baguio
4. —>>> soon in Camiguin, CDO

Four of my favorite foods
1. Chocolate…diggin in Dark ones!
2. Ice cream with chocolate flavors, like Super Rocky Road and more!
3. Fresh salad with 1000 Island dressing
4. Pizza with Cheezy Crust

Four places I would rather be right now
1. in a secluded, safe and wonderful island anywhere here in the Phil
2. bedroom with super aircon, with super computer with super internet
3. saan ba me snow as of this moment? as in this moment? sobrang init kasi…
4. where Alex is… :)

Four people`who will answer this (since Liz already tagged Hannah, Aimz and Len)
1. Tiana
2. Tots
3. Daiji
4. Luisa

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DVD Marathon04.02.07

It’s not healthy as in! Hahahaha!
Nag DVD marathon ako ng:
Prison Break (Complete Season 1 and Episodes 1-10 of Season 2)
Star Wars (I, II and III)
I really intended to finish the DVD that I borrowed from Daiji, Bioman. Di ko na talaga kinaya….hahaha!

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