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one little thing called love05.02.07

He asked me to fixed his laptop, which he doesn’t use often but his sister does. I saw some pictures of his family. Brothers. Sisters. Nephews. Nieces. Cousins. They were eating at a resto. Some pics were on the temple.

Then something hit me…what if we’re public…and we went out together with his family. I would stand out, I would really feel out-of-place…alone, maybe?


They’re all chinitos and chinitas. I have big black eyes.

They’re mestizas. I’m morena.

They all speak Chinese. I don’t.


They look rich. I’m jologs.

Isa lang ang lamang ko. Gandang pinay…

You know, we may have many differences. But I know that one thing keeps us from falling apart. One little thing called love. I love you.

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leaving on a jet plane03.26.07

Well not really a jet plane, just an ordinary international plane. Yup! Yup! My hubby luvs going abroad. Today. He’s going to China. And he’ll stay there for two weeks. Somehow it really made me sad but I know he’s going there coz he have to finish somethinng. Finish it soon baby and come back home soon ok?

I’m surely gonna miss him.

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