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Supernatural Season Five Spoiler07.22.09

I never hide how much I love Supernatural. It has been my anti-stress remedy. Whenever I’m feeling a need of fun and sexiness, I just flop in my Supernatural Series and I’m completely happy all the way. So I’m so excited to hear from the creator of Supernatural, Eric Kripke of what we, fans should expect from the up coming Season Five this September from the cliffhanger ending of Season Four.

Supernatural Season 5 Scoop!
by Ileane Rudolph July 20, 2009 05:31 PM EST

Supernatural creator Eric Kripke pulls out all the stops as the sexy horror show returns for its fifth season. In last season’s shocking finale, an angry and demon-blood addicted Sam (Jared Padalecki)—to his horror—was responsible for freeing Lucifer from his hellish imprisonment. In this exclusive interview, Kripke tells TV Guide Magazine what Lucifer’s return means and what roles Sam and big bro Dean (Jensen Ackles) will play in saving the world.

That was a pretty terrifying finale. You have an interesting “pox on both their houses” take on the Apocalypse. Do you hear from angry religious types?
[Laughs] We actually haven’t. Quite frankly, sometimes we’re surprised that some religious people don’t take more issue with our depiction of angels. But—we’ve always kept in our back pocket that despite these particular angels being the bureaucracy of Heaven, there are potentially higher and more benevolent forces in the universe. But we have a humanity-centered show. Our attitude is always, humans with all their imperfections are the heroic ones and everyone else is just kind of messing with them.

Let’s talk about Season 5. Should I assume that the showdown between the angels and Lucifer and his demon minions—with Sam and Dean caught in the middle—is your through line this season?
Part of that is ongoing mythology, so I don’t want to give too much of that away, but yeah, it’s basically that the angels and Lucifer and the demons are just beginning the long foretold Apocalypse from the Book of Revelations. It’s the war that everyone’s been waiting for for thousands of years. Humanity is unfortunately caught in the middle. Our heroes object to that. Their response is “You want to fight a war? Pick another planet. This one’s ours and get the hell off it.”

What’s the time frame?
We pick up from the finale, where we left off with the boys in the chapel with the portal to Lucifer’s cage opening and Lucifer rising. We show the next few subsequent seconds after that and then continue the story from there.

So they escape and…
No, they both die and we continue the series with James Van Der Beek.

I hear the roar of a million fans shrieking. OK, what are the manifestations of Lucifer’s return?
We’re really trying to make good our promise—with Lucifer comes the Apocalypse. Supernatural’s version of the Apocalypse. The public isn’t necessarily aware of it. They’re not running screaming through the streets. That would be hard to maintain through a season. Our version of the Apocalypse includes things like hurricanes unexpectedly slamming into the U.S. coasts and swine flu and North Korea suddenly arming up with nuclear weapons. [Laughs] We’re really trying to create the idea that we always have, that this could be happening right outside your door and you don’t know it. At least in the first few days of the Apocalypse.

The first episode is called “Sympathy for the Devil.” Is that a hint?
One of our goals is to depict Lucifer [played by Mark Pellegrino, aka Jacob on Lost] in a way that’s rarely seen on television. We want Lucifer to be the most sympathetic character this season. He’s this wounded angel who feels very betrayed by God and his fellow angels. We’re writing him with a vulnerability and almost a tenderness. This is totally like douche baggy, but we’re looking at “Paradise Lost” a lot. That idea of the very human devil that has moments of doubt and moments of really human emotion. It’s an opportunity to see a really interesting Lucifer.

Demons and angels take different meat skins—human bodies—to hide their true selves. How about Lucifer?
Lucifer is an angel and like any angel he needs to take a vessel. He’ll need to be walking around as a human as well. A strikingly handsome one. Compared to Zachariah and the rest of the angels on the show, he’s more gentle and soft spoken by a long shot. In his own weird way, he’s the kindest of all the angels.

What are Sam and Dean’s roles here? Do the angels still expect Dean to do their bidding?
Dean still has this chosen status from the angels. He’s someone they expect will defeat Lucifer. Much more of what that means will be revealed in the first episode. But he doesn’t particularly like or trust the angels and isn’t particularly inclined to follow the plan they have for him.

The last time we saw Sam, he was clearly heart wrenchingly guilty for having inadvertently raised Lucifer. How will he overcome that?
Sam is in a difficult place. He’s feeling such horrifying regret. How do you get out from under the weight of [being] the guy who broke the world and you broke it through pride, selfishness and you were seduced and you were fooled and all the horrible things that have happened as a result. He’s got a lot to atone for and he’s really on a journey of redemption. We’ve been talking about his story in the metaphors of a brand new ex-addict. He’s giving up demon blood; he’s giving up all these dark sides and with them comes terrible temptations. And meanwhile your family’s angry with you and they don’t trust you. Sam’s emotional arc this season is trying to go clean again and he’s got lots of trust to rebuild with Dean.

Your fans get famously upset when Sam and Dean are mean to each other. Why do you keep torturing them?
[Laughs] We owe it to the fans to depict an honest relationship and we wouldn’t be honest, having gone through the events at the end of Season 4, if they just said, “It’s all forgotten, let’s move on.” There’s a lot of drama to play. It’s our intention to bring them back together. It always is. I’ve always said it’s a show about the strength of family. But they need to recreate their relationship and come back together in a way in which they’re older, sadder, wiser but ultimately stronger.

Sam’s dead fiancé Jessica [played by Adrianne Palecki] shows up.
Yeah, in Episode 3.

What can you tell me about that?
I’ll keep much of that under wraps. She does return as Jessica.

So we hear demon Meg [now played by Rachel Miner] is back in the premiere. Why does she return? What are her intentions?
They’re not good. I’ve always been wondering what she’s doing out there actually. I’ve been continually asking the writers, “Where’s Meg? What’s she doing? She’s a demon. She has a really powerful grudge against the boys. They have history together. She would be a really formidable adversary. Where is she?” Finally, I got impatient and ended up writing her into my own script. It’s Mardi Gras for Meg and demons like her. Their demonic Lord and Savior has returned and so it’s party time for demons. As far as they’re concerned, Dean is the only threat to that and so we really ratchet up the tension yet again this season. Pretty much every demon in Hell and on Earth is out gunning for Dean Winchester, because he is pretty much the only one who can destroy basically their Lord and Father.

Is Bobby their only ally or will others come in to help during the season?
When we first come back in the season opener, Castiel is dead, destroyed by the Archangel. So there’s some moments when we wonder if they’ll have the help of their old angel pal Cas. There’s always allies, sometimes in unlikely places. But it’s always the idea of this small scared sweaty group up against overwhelming forces, and that’s kind of where the heart of Supernatural lies. In that idea of it as a Western, and you got the entire army outside and you’re inside and you’ve got to shoot your way out.

Supernatural’s fifth season begins Thursday, Sept. 10, 9/8c, The CW.

Thanks to SOURCE through ONTD.

By the way, for my friend, my youtube username is: angelofthewaters and here’s my link:

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It Started With A Kiss 2 (They Kiss Again) – Episode 12 (English Subbed)03.09.08

I know it has been a slow update. I don’t want to sound as if I’m ranting to the good people who are subbing ISWAK 2, it’s just that I love to see the ending of last week’s episode and can’t wait for the next one, episode 13.

Episode 12 is still on-going. Please check out for updates!

Thanks to and GLORIAWEN from ISWAKFANSUBS.BLOGSPOT.COM! Good work guys!

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It Started With A Kiss 2 (They Kiss Again) – Update11.27.07

Zheng Yuan Chang misses Yi (Yi Chen); Kiss poster just to soothe his addiction

Xiao Zhong Zheng Yuan Chang was promoting They Kiss Again the series. Only, wife Lin Yi Chen is not here. Xiao Zhong will only have to kiss the poster size Lin Yi Chen. Using the poster to pretend it was the real Lin Yi Chen.

Taipei TV & Film Festival was very lively, GTV’s new series [TKA] having Director Winnie plus the casts Zheng Yuan Chang, Danson, 5Bear, Xiao Chen and the others coming together except the leading lady Lin Yi Chen. Wife is not here, Xiao Zhong think back (or sharing) about having to film the 10 minutes bed scene in Guam, having the both of them sharing passionate kisses from the balcony and all the way to the bed and still continue on with it. Director Winnie is calling it the tv’s version of Lust, Caution. The scale is way beyond any idol series. Xiao Zhong sighed and said: “These 3 years, the one that I have kissed the most is Lin Yi Chen le.” After that he looked at his wife at the poster and kiss again.


Joe Cheng prank kiss Ariel Lin; adding bed scene to continue with their fate; Ariel not here in person, only in poster

From to , Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin have been kissing for exactly 3 years. Director Winnie even added something in TKA, allowing the both of them to have a bed scene for 10minutes long. Winnie said: [The scale will be matching the movie !]

Joe Cheng, Danson, 5Bear, Xiao Chen, Jiang Ba Ba, Jiang Ma Ma and the other casts make an appearance on the 24th at Taipei’s TV and Film Festival. The leading actress, Ariel Lin is filming in China so she can’t be here. Joe Cheng, with the request by the crowd, (Joe) stands in front of the giant size poster and have a [prank kiss] with Ariel, making the fan girls among the crowd screaming madly.

Idol series [TKA] was the collaboration between GTV and CTV. Yesterday the casts make an appearance at the Taipei TV and Film Festival to promote the series. On the location, it shows quite a lot of kissing scenes between Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin. The lead actor, Joe Cheng said that because they need to take note of the television ratings scale, a lot of intense kissing scenes, bed scenes will be cut off, but still consider as the tv’s version of [Lust, Caution].

[TKA] will make its premiere at CTV on December 16th. The lead actress Ariel Lin was absent from this event because she is still filming in China. Joe leading Danson, 5Bear, Xiao Chen, Jiang Ba Ba, Jiang Ma Ma, Yang Pei Ting, Rui Sha and director to attend the Taipei TV and Film Festival event.

In the series, Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin have a lot of bed scenes and kissing scenes, making the entire crowd screaming really loudly. Joe Cheng joked and said: [The series from ISWAK until TKA have used up about 3 years to finish. Ariel Lin is the girl that I’ve kissed the most, kissed until I could even smell out what kind of lipstick’s flavor that she has put on.]

The first episode of TKA will be their honeymoon’s bed scene. The hot scene’s scale will be having the both of them sharing passionate kisses from the balcony and rolling all the way to the bed; can be matched as the tv’s version of [Lust, Caution]. Director Winnie said the (hot) scene takes about 10 minutes long to film. To let the 2 leads to go into their characters and uninterrupted, he has especially clear the set and taking the camera and film it himself. Winnie said: [Because (we) need to consider about the tv rating scale and it will be impossible if the scene goes unedited; so a lot of it will be edited out.]

Yesterday [TKS] was one of the most popular series among the fans in Taipei’s TV and Film Festival. During the event, Joe Cheng and Danson wanted to play games with the fans, but little do they know that hundreds of fans would cram up, pushing and pulling for them. The insanity level had even startled the securities that are on duty; they quickly come by and keep the situation under control.

Translations by Kassy at

Thanks to udolits for posting the video! Kudos to you!

I can’t wait for the sequel of, It Started With a Kiss! December 16th is way too long to bear! :) See the clip below, one of the teasers from They Kiss Again. Kinilig ako!

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Asian Series09.23.07

Aside from watching my favorite, Charmed, Prison Break, Ugly Betty, Supernatural and Smallville. I am so addicted now to different Asian Series. SOBRA!!! Are you?

I so go for My Name is Kim Sam Soon (or My Lovely Sam Soon). I also like Meteor Garden, Couple or Trouble (or Fantasy Couple), Sweet 18, Foxy Lady, Devil Beside You and Why, Why Love, to name a few.

Thanks to the people who put upMy and fed my drama addiction. Thanks guys! The site is really a great find for all of us DRAMA ADDICT! hehehe…

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Michae Fahatin Reporting08.13.07

Saying what?!

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i love SUPERNATURAL!07.27.07

You guys have to watch it! Mix thrill and suspense with sexiness!

I love Supernatural!

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I resisted it for a very long time. I’ve been a Superman fanatic eversince but I resisted the charm of Smallville, it’s all because of Clark-Lana tandem. I’m a CHLARK (Chloe-Clark) shipper! Through and through! I wanted them to be together instead of Lana. So I resisted watching it. :)

But all this went down, because of me being a YOUTUBEr could not resist watching Smallville clips and then decided to buy one for my self. I am now holding, Seasons 1-5 of Smallville. Thanks Malen for buying for me.

So if you don’t hear much often from me. You know where I am…just in front of the teevee watching Smallville. :)


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Prison Break Interview04.22.07

Check out an additional interview from the cast, Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield) and Sarah Wayne Callies (Dr. Sara Tancredi). Thanks to tancrediscofield for uploading!

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Prison Break Season 204.22.07

What a cliffhanger!!!

I just hoped that he will not stay in Sona for so long. I even bet that he and Mahone, including Bellick will try to do another prison break. Oh I just wish they will…I wanna see his geniusness again! For sure that it will be a very exciting to know how will they escape from SONA.

It may seem not right but somehow I felt bad for T-Bag, when he did not murder Susan’s family and just cried in his car, feeling hurt and all. Also wtih Bellick for ending up in prison, TWICE, and with all innocence for the two accounts.

We will know soon once the Prison Break Season 3 starts! And I hope that it will be sooner! LOL!

Thanks to Wentwilleronline for Went’s contact! Let’s get our pens and papers now and start scribbling…

Wentworth Miller
William Morris Agency
One William Morris Place
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

And the video below is for my friend Kimmy, who first informed me that Prison Break got special episode with the cast, titled Behind The Walls. Thanks to Zongyun for uploading! Check it out!

Another post for the “Behind the Wall” episode. Thanks to isaacogbilal for the upload! Enjoy as I did!

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shaider ending02.27.07

This is what I have wanted to know/see since I was a kid. Thanks to the power of youtube and dsl! Bwahahaha! Thanks to DAISAWAMURA who uploaded the videos! She/he got the Bioman (COMPLETE!)series as well. Check it out!

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

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